This weeks tinytoon.


Near Melrose

Melrose is a small town in the southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia. This is a lino print based on the landscape just out of Melrose.


Image size is 50cms x 6.5cms. Below is a detail of the right hand section of he image.


Tinytoon of the week


Sort of appropriate with the Commonwealth Games just starting.

Just north of Melrose.

A couple of sketches for a lino print I’m working on. View just north of Melrose, a small town in the southern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.


This one drawn using brush pen, fountain pen and felt tip pen all in black ink.


Same pens for this one but some pencil graphite shading added. Size of both approximately 10x8cms.

Tinytoon of the week

Been away for a while but I’m back. Aren’t you lucky. Here’s a tinytoon ( done as part of kids puzzle page) for you to chew on.



A mascot you say!


My middle name is Rejection.


This is recent work I completed and entered in The South Australian Museum Waterhouse Natural Science Art Competition. It is called ‘Surf Trip’. The trip is a play on that idea that the image is on three panels, a triptych. Each panel is a small surfboard 21 x  6 cms (made from illustration board including fins)and the image is done in brush, ink and watercolour.

Unfortunately it did not survive thw first round of judging. Lucky, being a cartoonist, I’m used to rejection. A few glasses of wine help as well.