Art Is..

Art Is…


      Lines and Dots.



Off Highway One. Reduction lino print.

The Yellow studio…Same but different.

Following ten hectic days finishing and framing my prints, working with the gallery to hang them, and paintings and drawings by my two co-exhibitors Peter Wallfried and Simon Kneebone, our exhibition The Same But Different opened on Friday night. Peter, Simon and I meet regularly on Friday mornings to chat about life, art and how to save the world over coffee and when this opportunity of exhibiting arose we decided to give it a go. Peter is a painter and his work for this exhibition explored  landscapes around Adelaide and his interest in cars all seen at night. Simon’s whimsical drawings and water colours, mainly landscapes, are his first step into the world of  exhibiting in a gallery. We had a good crowd turn up and it was great to catch up with friends and meet and talk to people interested in my work. I even sold a few which was nice. John Whitney, a fellow artist and friend, opened the show for us which we appreciate greatly.

Next day my wife and I decided to do something completely different. We visited an art gallery. The Art Galley of South Australia is currently exhibiting works by some group called the Impressionists. Paintings are on loan from the Musée d’Orsay and the exhibition follows the development of Impressionism in the last half if the 19th Century. Overall it wasn’t too bad compared to our exhibition :). I thought some bloke named Cezanne was pretty good.

The whole trek through the Flinders Ranges.

A few years ago my wife, son and I visited the Flinders Rangers in South Australia, roughly four hours drive north of where I live. It inspired an exhibitions’ worth of etchings and linoprints such as this….

Sawtooth Ridge, Etching. 14,5cms x 12.3cms. Limited edition of 6

To take ‘the walk’ yourself visit my GALLERY and see more of the prints that resulted from our holiday.

A walk through the Flinders Ranges.

NEAR ARKAROO ROCK. Reduction linoprint. 15cms x 30cms. Handprinted in an edition of 5. 3 of the edition for sale.Affordably priced at Martinart Gallery

Picture worth a thousand words


Young Sunflower. Reduction Lino Print.

The Same but Different

The Same But Different is an exhibition I and two friends Peter Wallfried and Simon Kneebone are presenting at Gallery M in Adelaide South Australia. Comprising paintings by Peter, drawings by Simon and intaglio and block prints by myself  the exhibition opens on 15th June and runs through to the 8th of July. The three of us will be at the gallery on the 23rd June for people to meet and talk about the work exhibited. If you are in Adelaide we hope to see you there or that you can visit the gallery at some time

The same but different

Here is one of my etchings which will be exhibited. ROCK POOL. Image size 11cms x 11cms  printed from two plates on Stonehenge paper in a limited edition of 6.


Yellow studio 3

I was more or less able to finish my prints for my upcoming exhibition in a few weeks time. So I gave myself some time over the weekend to just relax and do some drawing. Most enjoyable.


My drawing is heavily inspired by the drawings of Van Gogh. I really like the profusion of lines and marks he uses which give the images a vibrancy, emphasizing the form, movement and texture of the landscape. The lines and dots are an imaginative representation rather than an accurate depiction of reality but not at the expense of the subject matter.


I like to draw with pen (either with metal nibs or with homemade bamboo pens) and ink, or for sketching fine point felt pens. Although I find drawing very meditative I enjoy the risk taking needed working with materials that cannot be corrected.   Although my drawings a drawn as an object in their own right each is also a starting point for a possible etching or lino print. The pen and ink give me a similar drawing quality I like to  achieve in my etching. In my lino prints I may simplify the profusion of marks and lines but each drawing is a stepping stone in the thought process to that end.


I have used colour in my lino prints for some time  but have been more comfortable to work in black and white in my drawings and etchings. I am now experimenting with colour in these areas, enjoying exploring flat vibrant areas of colour with the vibrancy of the drawn black or dark grey lines. With each ‘experiment’ new possibilities are opening up to me which I hope to pursue in he coming months.


Mt etchings, linoprints and drawings can be seen at