The Yellow Studio.

The ‘Same But Different’ exhibition is done and dusted so now I’ve started thinking about the next projects to fill my time. There are a few upcoming competitions here in Australia I am thinking of entering work into and today I have started working on ideas/sketches to develop works that I may enter.


I have had some ‘success’ in the past making the finalists in a few competitions without actually winning any prizes. It’s nice to be considered good enough to make the final cut whenever it happens though. A way to go yet but we’ll see where these lot take us.



Art Is…

Art is…
An illusion…


of a place
or a state of mind.

Image: Tube. Lead pencil on paper.

The Yellow Studio Journal.

Been a couple of quiet weeks, relaxing while my current exhibition shared with Simon Kneebone and Peter Wallfried is on. Visited the gallery today and discovered I have sold ten prints. Quite chuffed about that. The most popular have been the series of etchings I did based on the fish pond that sits just outside my studio.



If you are in Adelaide the exhibition continues until this Sunday, 7 June, at Gallery M, Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park.

Visit my online gallery at to see (and purchase if you like) more of my work

Art Is….

Art Is…
An adaption.


The Yellow Studio…Artist Statements.

I am about to sit down and write an ‘artists statement’  (gallery requirement) to accompany  one of my works chosen for an upcoming exhibition. I am a visual artist. I choose to communicate my response to the world around me through images. I choose to cover paper with ink, marks, lines and dots etc. For me they do the talking. I do not care nor do I believe I should also explain my response to the world with words to go next to the image in a exhibition.  If I wanted to write about the world I would have been an author.

But grudgingly I have looked at other artists statements in an attempt to educate myself in the process and it seems to me they do little (unless you are in the art club) to clarify what an artist is doing. I can not see how statements like “my artistic practice is trans disciplinary and traverse mediums and forms in an attempt to queer normative modes of visuality” make a painting, drawing, print or sculpture any easier to understand.

I have always considered the major part of the joy of viewing visual art is taking the journey to explore the clues the artist has presented to tell his/her story. I also accept that the finished artwork has or should have an independent life beyond the artist and that its meaning is contextual and largely created by the viewer.

So to my statement…..

Four days at Hardwicke Bay. Etching.

Worth a thousand words I think.


You can see more of my artist statements at

Art Is..

Art Is…


      Lines and Dots.



Off Highway One. Reduction lino print.

The Yellow studio…Same but different.

Following ten hectic days finishing and framing my prints, working with the gallery to hang them, and paintings and drawings by my two co-exhibitors Peter Wallfried and Simon Kneebone, our exhibition The Same But Different opened on Friday night. Peter, Simon and I meet regularly on Friday mornings to chat about life, art and how to save the world over coffee and when this opportunity of exhibiting arose we decided to give it a go. Peter is a painter and his work for this exhibition explored  landscapes around Adelaide and his interest in cars all seen at night. Simon’s whimsical drawings and water colours, mainly landscapes, are his first step into the world of  exhibiting in a gallery. We had a good crowd turn up and it was great to catch up with friends and meet and talk to people interested in my work. I even sold a few which was nice. John Whitney, a fellow artist and friend, opened the show for us which we appreciate greatly.

Next day my wife and I decided to do something completely different. We visited an art gallery. The Art Galley of South Australia is currently exhibiting works by some group called the Impressionists. Paintings are on loan from the Musée d’Orsay and the exhibition follows the development of Impressionism in the last half if the 19th Century. Overall it wasn’t too bad compared to our exhibition :). I thought some bloke named Cezanne was pretty good.