Yellow Studio 2


Rejected! It should be my middle name, or it should be tattooed on my chest. It was a constant presence as a cartoonist and it still follows me around. Three of my works, a drawing and two prints were rejected, or should I say truthfully, they didn’t make the final cut to two exhibitions this week. They didn’t tell me to stock my studio with thick skin at art school. One of the joys of being an artist I guess.


Crows up North. Pen ink and wash. 40cms x 19cms on illustration board. Now on sale HERE

BUT THEN. Hold your horses. I visited Gallery M this afternoon where one of my drawings is ‘featuring’ in the Red House group exhibition and it sprouted a red dot at the opening. So there rejection, back in your box.


Amongst all this I have continued along the tunnel to my exhibition next month, as well as doing some drawing to relax along the way. I have been working with pen and ink using either a pen my son brought back from Venice for me or a bamboo pen made from bamboo growing in our garden. I’m experimenting with drawing in black first and then working over it with a limited color palette. Hoping I might be able to develop this in some future etchings.


EUDUNDA LANDSCAPE. Bamboo pen and ink on Canson cartridge paper. 17.6cms x 13cms. On sale HERE


Yellow Studio 1


Have continued with etchings for upcoming exhibition over the last few days. Some agony and ecstacy with this. One just didn’t come out the same as what was in my head. Played with some ideas that didn’t seem to help so let it sit, had a few wines for mothers day, and then started a new design  which glory be, turned out better than expectations. Who needs to go to a fun park for a rollercoaster ride.


Also spent a little time on a two copper plate colour etching. Very pleased with result. I usually use a cardboard plate and monoprinting techniques to add colour to my etched copper plate. I will spent more time and money working with two or more copper plates as well in future.


Have two works in group exhibitions at moment.

Blue Curl a reduction linoprint is in the  Mini Print Biennial 2018 In Northern Ireland. The exhibition showcases the work of 140 artists from over 30 countries displaying a wide range of printmaking techniques and exceptional printmaking skills. The exhibition will run from May 9th – July 27th, 2018 You can see more about this exhibition HERE


Washing Machine For My Mind is a pen ink and coloured pencil drawing in The Red House (of whom I am a member) group exhibition in a local gallery here in Adelaide.


Now back to work.

Crows in the gallery

‘Ploughed Field’ a reduction lino print created in 2016 for an exhibition entitled As The Crow Flies has just been added to my online gallery. The Image size is 15.5cms x 11cms printed on Stonehenge paper in a limited edition of six.


The landscape is near Clarendon a small town just south of Adelaide, South Australia. Crows are ever present in the South Australian landscape and South Australians are called crow eaters by the rest of Australia. I love the birds and I enjoy the sound they make. In the morning it is the perfect alarm clock.

The prints are available for sale at an affordable price. Details can been seen HERE

This week

Hard at work in the studio this week. An exhibition dealine is looming and still a few more ideas to bring to life. This week have developed an image for a linoprint and began working on a series of etchings based on rockpools found at a place called Hardwicke Bay which my wife and I recently  visited. These are for the exhibition I am sharing with two other artist friends in June. My work is based on pools and ponds, reflections and the small worlds within. I also did some drawing of landscapes north of Adelaide, more on those in a future post.


New works in gallery

I’ve added a few prints into my gallery/ webpage.


Rocks. Zincplate etching. 12cms x 10cms. Edition of 5. An older print from the vault. Having fun with contour lines.


Total Fire Ban Day. Two plate colour etching. 11cms x 7.5cms. An edition of 5 on Archess88 paper. The colour was printed using a monoprint technique with the black printed over from an etched copper plate.

Crow Landing. Reduction lino print 16.6cms x 11 cms. Edition of 5 on Stonehenge paper. My love of Japanese woodblock prints creeping in a bit here.

They can be purchased from my gallery by clicking HERE

New website/gallery

I have, or should I say my wife, has redesigned my website/gallery. To mark the opening I have an exhibition which encompasses the last 30 years of my printmaking, both etching and linoprinting. If you get a chance drop in and have a look.

Here’s an example of what you can see. KAKADU LANDSCAPE. Linoprint. 1988.

Hopefully you will have a look around and find something entertaining and relaxing for a few minutes of your day.

Hardwicke Bay. Not so hard.

Back yesterday from a 5 day stay at Hardwicke Bay on Yorke Peninsular. Lots of ideas for prints, long walks on the beach each day, a large brown snake taking up residence in bushes a metre from our front door(between us and the beach), a bushfire or burnoff across the bay and almost scarily quiet during the day. Just a few highlights.