Monthly Archives: May 2012

Spot the difference then crack the code.

One of this weeks puzzles features I do for a number of papers around Australia. It’s aimed at kids so see how you go.


In the pink.

Caricature I did a couple of years ago when Pink was taking the world by storm.

The plastic invisible man!

Drawing in my maths book? Who me Sir!

A quiet Sunday morning trying to make a dent in the pile of work that came in Friday. Doing cartoon illustrations for Haese Mathematics, maths books publisher for schools worldwide. Been lucky enough to do lots of illustartions and cartoons for them. Although they particularly want a simple black line, flat colour style they give me a bit of freedom with them so its also fun. Here’s an example.

It’s also quite a turn around. As a kid at school I always got told of for doing drawings in my maths books but now┬áI get paid for it. Lifes good sometimes isn’t it.

If mobile phones have cameras…

Puzzle production day

Yep, today has been producing puzzles day. Finished a Monster Kids full page puzzle feature and two puzzle strips. Here’s one of the puzzles appearing on the full page feature.

Have fun.

Fee, Fo, Fee, Fum……