Monthly Archives: June 2012

To gourmet or not to gourmet?

I’m on a diet and this is a question I ask myself every hour, make that ever half hou…no every ten minutes, give or take five minutes.


Petrol heads are go!

One of my interests in life is Formula 1, or most forms of car racing to be honest. I’m not mechanically inclined and I’m not a great driver but I like the whole razamatazz of the sport. The cars are such fun to draw too!

Well trained dog.

I can dream can’t I?

Digital age baby.

This cartoon is available through Cartoonstock for your publications.Click here for all the details.


Ridgy Didge Surf Club 3…


Couple more sketches I did a while ago for a book of etchings I produced based on my surfing memories. My attempt at some sort of family heirloom for my kids.


Can’t wait till summer.

Freezing Day in Adelaide. I’d give almost anything to be somewhere warmer than 11 degrees.  This might be going a bit far though.

The invisible man… very transparent character.