Monthly Archives: August 2012

Don’t wake him, all is well!

When I was a teacher I had a school principal who took a nap in the afternoon……say no more I think.


Non digital communication.

My wife had problems with her office intranet yesterday. So did half the world most probably. Made me think anyway….

Walking the plank. It aint a new youtube craze!

What hospitals and driving lessons have in common.

Puzzled illustrations.

Just for something different. A couple of illustrations used in my spot the different puzzles for kids. These are part of  a comic strip format puzzle feature, called Puzzle Play, which is current published in a number of newspapers around Australia.

Recieved a comment from Frank wanting to know what the puzzle was. The above were just examples of the type of illustrations/cartoons I use in the puzzles not the puzzles themselves. Sorry if that caused confusion. Below is an example of the actual puzzle feature.

Pocket money with perks!

Another silly superhero joke!