Monthly Archives: October 2012

Gangster practice


This is a cartoon I did some time ago with a new caption. I was never really happy with the old caption and a chance hearing of the phrase ‘world’s best practice’ set me thinking and this image came back to mind. Couldn’t resist messing with it.


Etching sketches not etcher sketchers


Couple of hay fever affected sketches for a possible etching.  Not great but one day I might get good at this business. One on the left most probably. These done using india ink and home made bamboo pens.

The problems with drinking.


Sorry! But I had a couple of glasses of wine last night to celebrate finishing a big illustration job and this came to mind. Must remember to stop thinking while I’m drinking.

Picasso’s girlfriend.




Food for thought.

Second Valley landscape


This is an etching I printed last night. Based on the landscape at Second Valley, a really great part of South Australia about 90 minutes drive from Adelaide.


Just hanging around.