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Mister No in Lucca

Wandering around Lucca today we ran across an exhibition of comic book art. The work was based around characters and stories created by Sergi Bonelli and the artists, in particular Gallieno Ferri, used to illustrate the work. Bonelli created many characters but his most famous and well liked were Mister No and Zagor.


Florence. I lied. Here’s more

Ran across a shop-studio where they were making mosaics by shaping and cutting coloured stone and the joining them with beeswax to create the designs. Intricate, painstaking, time consuming work, but amazing results. They didn’t mind me photographing work in progress but wouldn’t let me photograph finished work.


say no more!

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Cobblestones and WW11

We are  staying a part of Rome that has very narrow cobblestone streets. Out walking recently we ‘stumbled’ upon some brass cobblestones inscribed with peoples names the dates (during WW11) they were arrested, and the dates they were either executed (usually within a couple of days) or sent to Auschwitz. It turns out these were original an art instillation project started by a German artist initially in Cologne. The cobblestones are placed outside the building the people lived in.

2015-11-10 12.04.39

I found them  moving memorial to these people making my knowledge of the holocaust a bit more personal.

More detailed info about the cobblestones, the artist, his project and how it has grown throughout Europe can be found by clicking HERE

We’re here!!

Made it safe to Rome. 23hours in total from Adelaide.

Some small technical problems (Italy) at first but all sorted

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Street our apartment is on