Monthly Archives: August 2016

Surfs UP!

For a number of years in my youth a large part of my time was taken up with chasing waves, catching them and trying to ride them. Those hedonistic days are still some of the most enjoyed and well remember days of my life. As such from time to time the sea, waves and the beach form the theme for my artwork. The following are examples of this.

Each piece is a free standing drawing/watercolour on illustration board in the shape of a surfboard. More examples can be seem on my website. Click HERE to view them.


Concetina books

Visit my website to see an online exhibition of concetina books I have produced over the last couple of years. I like the challenge of creating an image in a wide short format.

Highway One-ExtendedBreaking-Wave_Extended

Go to and click on the view exhibition link or get there directly by clicking HERE. All of the books are for sale as is alot of my etchings and linoprints.