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After ‘Chaos’ Etching

Have  had a rather hectic two weeks so I was glad to be back in the studio today printing an etching that has patiently been waiting for me to get around to it. Tried to get a Chinese painting feel to the image and am pleased with the result. The image is 15.5cms wide x 6cms high. It is printed using a cardboard plate onto which were applied areas of fairly liquid colour and a copper plate for the black linework. The landscape is based on Marks Point an area of the Coroong, south of Adelaide.


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Spent the last couple of days sketching, hoping for an idea for an etching which I can use in an upcoming  exhibition with The Red House Group, an artists group I am a member of. I actually think I have possibilities for a linoprint print (with a bit more thought), an couple of etchings and some monoprints. It’s amazing how you can start with an image and begin playing with it, trying to keep an essence of the subject but experimenting with lines and marks to suit your own preferences, and end up with  images quite different but still somewhat the same. One of the joys of being an artist.


First series (a couple of early drawings missing) of the landscape near Port Pirie, north of Adelaide. The horizontalness of the place intrigued me.


 The second series based on part of the coast at Second Valley in South Australia.
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Bamboo on paper.

As I have no impending exhibitions to work towards I am continuing my experimentation with various monoprinting techniques. Over the last couple of days I have again worked with using watercolour and non waterproof ink on cardboard plates that I then print onto damp paper using my etching press. I am enjoying the freedom of experimentation. I have been especially exploring the results of using varying degrees of paper dampness as well as how much or how little watercolor and ink affect the result. Some of the results have been pleasingly surprising, the chancy result adding a level of enjoyment to the process. The following are some of the results from the last couple of days. The plate is on the left the printed image on the right.


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Waxing lyrical.

As part of my recent COAST exhibition of lino prints and etchings I was interested not only in creating images of the coast as it is today but also images that were based on memories of my surfing days. I wanted to come up with a way of creating a sort of direct link with surfing  and my wife suggested I use a block of surfboard wax as a relief printing block. Some of my best ideas come from my wife!! This little film  records the printing of one of the two wax relief blocks I printed editions from. They and the other prints can be seen on my online gallery at


Monoprinting trial and error

Have spent most of today experimenting with a way of printing monoprints or even possibly variable editions. I have been painting, pressing, drawing on cardboard ‘plates’ using water colours and non waterproof drawing inks which when dry I run thru my press using damp paper. The image is transfered to the paper and although still a bit much a drawing  it takes on a different quality by being printed. Have had some success and a couple of failures but the more I do the more ideas for processes I get. Could be busy for the next few days. Here are three of the better results from today.


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