About Me

My name is John Martin and I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia all my life. My wife, Maryanne and I have two children, a dog and a station wagon. I have had an interest in art and cartooning for as long as I can remember and have continued that interest through my tertiary education, teaching career and professional work as a cartoonist, illustrator and printmaker.

I have travelled overseas four times, twice with friends, on another occasion with a group of student teachers on an around the world tour of art galleries and other tourist destinations and most recently with my wife and kids. As a printmaker I specialise in etching and lino printing and have exhibited my work a few times in Adelaide. I also have a keen interest in art history.

As a cartoonist I have had work published in a wide range of local, national and international newspapers and magazines. These incude Australasian Post, The Bulletin,  Australian Education Union Journal, Weekender Newspapers, Sun Magazine and the National Enquirer to name a few. Presently I have work regularly published in newspapers in Australia, New Zealand. I have been commissioned to do illustrations for advertising, training manuals, brochures and educational packages by Government departments and private clients. I am a member of the Australian Cartoonist Association.

I am also  ‘publishing’ work on  5 Minute Doodles. A site full of step by step exercises where anyone can learn how easy and how much fun it is to draw cartoon characters. Links  are at the right.

My heroes include Vincent Van Gogh, Don Martin, Sergio Aragones, Pat Oliphant and the Three Stooges. My other interests include sport, computing/multimedia, reading – this reminds me, I should get a life! I spent much of my youth surfing, drawing, surfing, drawing and surfing. I still have my favourite surfboard but my favourite pencil ran out of lead years ago. Well I hope that this gives you some idea of the kind of person I am. So from one surfer to another, hang loose and watch out for the sharks.



3 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Martin, We have a few things in common. We both like to cartoon and we both have a dog (I have two – Harry and Murphy, both golden retrievers) and we live in Australia! Great work

  2. Hi Martin, it’s very interesting to learn more about you. I like your work. My main interest has always been writing but I’ve recently been experimenting with cartooning and it’s a lot of fun! 🙂

  3. Hi Martin, just dipped into say that if you didn’t already have me with your drawing style you most certainly got me with being influenced by Sergio & Don…. two fine artists that had me scrawling on every available surface I could find from an early age!
    Looking forward to trawling your archives and seeing fresh stuff.

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