A caricature is a portrait that exaggerates or distorts the essence of a person to create an easily identifiable, humorous visual likeness. The term refers only to depictions of real-life people. The invention of caricature has been attributed to the seventeenth century Bolognese painter, Annibale Carracci, whose aim was to create an impression of the sitter which was more striking than a portrait. Caricatures were originally popular in aristocratic circles in France and Italy. This popularity spread to England in the mid eighteenth century and then elsewhere in the late nineteeth century when satirical drawings of politicians were printed in newspapers. After WW1 caricatures became more popular than photos in American magazines when a new wave of artists showed they could be fun, colorful and graceful.

Jimi Hendrix

Keith Richards


Damiel Craig


Billy Connelly


3 responses to “Caricatures

  1. These are brilliant! 🙂 If you did that Billy Connelly one in colour, you could get in the purple beard! 😉

  2. these are just hilariously well-done! love the lilibeth and mythbusters!

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