In modern print media, a cartoon is a piece of art, humorous in intent.The first magazine to feature gag cartoons was the London Political Register in 1767. The first newspaper cartoon was printed in America in 1814. Cartoons began appearing in English newspapers in 1832 but they were not regularly published until the 1870s.


Everyone loves cartoons. I still draw them by hand which makes them interesting and unique. It’s that irregularity and uniqueness that draws people in. They are a great way to communicate a message and connect you with your audience. Cartoons almost always have some level of humour in them and humour sells. When you combine the human element with the emotional communication that only a picture can provide you evoke smiles and smiles sell. So contact me ( using the form below) to commission cartoons that will add humorous highlights to your publications and/or presentations and further engage you customers with your product, service or communication.

•Humour is relief from the anxiety that the human condition generates.
Seymour Chwast
•Humour is one of those fast-acting transparent delivery systems that eases a concept to the brain.
Steven Guarnaccia
• Amusing things just stick in people’s heads a little better.
Alex Isley


More of my cartoons can be seen and licensed for use at CartoonStock. Visit there using the link listed in the Blogroll at right.

All work on this blog is copyright to John Martin 2012 and may not be used in anyway without my permission.

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