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I am who I am even though I’m simply drawn

From time to time I like to sit down and  see how simple I can make a caricature recognizable without getting an exact likeness. It is almost impossible not to get a likeness with some some people even when their  features are drawn simply. Others rely on clothing stance and props to help. Anyway hope you like the examples above.

There are some more on the caricature page as well.


Will Smith or wont he?

The result of some blatant time wasting this afternoon. I do this when I get a block in my writer. However there’s still eight hours to go in the day.

In the pink.

Caricature I did a couple of years ago when Pink was taking the world by storm.

A cubist yes….. a square never.

Pablo Picasso

When time permits I sometimes like to get out my favourite pencil and caricaturise  somone famous. Just for the hell of it. Here’s one I did recently.