Childrens Puzzles

  The childrens puzzle features I create consist of a full page feature, half page feature and 3 comic strip format features. All features include a variety of individual puzzles such as spot the difference, word finders, crosswords, mazes, trivia questions, scrambled words, odd one out and lateral thinking. They are created with children 6 – 12 years of age in mind and aimed at providing an activity which is entertaining and thought provoking.

Monster Kids Puzzle Pages, Puzzle Play and Junior puzzles are handled by AusPac Media and Brainticklers By Knight Features. Please contact them if you wish to use any of these puzzles in your publications. You can use the form below to contact me with your details and I will pass them onto the appropriate person.


 A half page versipon of the Monster Kids Puzzle page is also available.




Junior Puzzle answer: It’s true. They pressed it into blocks and used it as money.

All work on this website is copyright to John Martin 2011 and may not be used in anyway without my permission.

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