Kangaroo Paw

Here are a couple of drawings of kangaroo paw that grow in my front yard.


I’m Scorpio…



Here are a couple of recent drawings using ink, bamboo pens and the good old nib pens. Might work these up as lino prints at some stage.

Rain! Rain!

Haven’t had rain in Adelaide for some time. Maybe this will help



Back to work


Sketchy memories of OS

I have recently returned from an European holiday with my wife. We travelled through Italy, Switzeland, the south of France and Barcelona. So much to see and do. Below are some drawings I did while there or since my return.

Mister No in Lucca

Wandering around Lucca today we ran across an exhibition of comic book art. The work was based around characters and stories created by Sergi Bonelli and the artists, in particular Gallieno Ferri, used to illustrate the work. Bonelli created many characters but his most famous and well liked were Mister No and Zagor.