Mind games

I have been experimenting with monoprinting recently. Monoprints are single or one off prints done using a variety of methods all of which involve inks applied to a surface and then transferred to paper. Unlike an etching or linoprint each application of ink is unique and so only one print can be pulled from the surface. The process can produce interesting effects often which are unforseen at time of printing the image. I find it is this chance aspect of the process the most interesting. The following are my latest experiments. All are based on the same landscape and the quality of some are ‘better’ than  others. I’m getting close to techniques which I most enjoy so I’m looking forward to producing some ‘finished’ works which I will post when completed.


Visit my webpage www.martinart.com.au to see more of my work.


Middleton Beach linoprint

I like creating images based on the world around me. Hopefully each image is peaceful, relaxing, my world for that moment.


Middleton Beach. A  six colour reduction linoprint, 25cms x 12cms, in an edition of 5 handprinted on Stonehenge Rising paper.  www.martinart.com.au/product-page/middleton-beach-1

I’m Back

I have recently had an exhibition of linoprints and etchings at the City of Onkaparinga Arts Centre. The exhibition featured landscapes of the coastline south of Adelaide, the edge between the land and the sea; the line where the land and the sea meet and the beauty and drama that this meeting creates.  It is also where I spent many hours surfing, swimming, camping and just hanging out.  You can now see it on my website, just click here >>> www.martinart.com.au/coast-exhibition
The prints are all available for sale for your chance to ‘own’ your own piece of coastline.
Thank you to the City of Onkaparinga Arts Centre, to all of the visitors to the exhibition and especially to those who purchased my work.


Thursday 29/9

Another wonderful spring day in the studio. At least we have the power back on. I can’t remember when the whole state of South Australia was without power. It was off for five hours where I live in Adelaide last evening and night. The weather system that caused the outage is still hanging around so there could be more blackouts today as well.


Busy today in studio. Finished colour etching and two thirds of a colour lino print completed. Now onto the wife’s to do list.


Surfs UP!

For a number of years in my youth a large part of my time was taken up with chasing waves, catching them and trying to ride them. Those hedonistic days are still some of the most enjoyed and well remember days of my life. As such from time to time the sea, waves and the beach form the theme for my artwork. The following are examples of this.

Each piece is a free standing drawing/watercolour on illustration board in the shape of a surfboard. More examples can be seem on my website. Click HERE to view them.

Concetina books

Visit my website to see an online exhibition of concetina books I have produced over the last couple of years. I like the challenge of creating an image in a wide short format.

Highway One-ExtendedBreaking-Wave_Extended

Go to www.martinart.com.au and click on the view exhibition link or get there directly by clicking HERE. All of the books are for sale as is alot of my etchings and linoprints.