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T-shirt design comp

I’ve entered a ‘competition’ with some of my old cafe cartoons. You might like to go and vote for some of my stuff, or you might not I suppose. If you do your a legend. Thanks, John

Click here to vote 



Three little blogs.

Some of you may be interested in my two other blog sites. The first is Le Cafe, a cartoon strip based on the day to day  life in a small suburban cafe. Drop in and have a coffee sometime. CLICK HERE


The other is 5 Minute Doodles, a site full of how to draw cartoons activities primarily aimed at kids 6-12 years old but adults can have a go as well. If you like it pass it onto your children. CLICK HERE


Cartoons for kids who trivia-lise

Been somewhat tied up with puzzle features lately. Xmas specials to get out.

So I thought I drop in some cartoons done for  a trivia puzzle feature I did called Brainticklers. Aimed at 7 -12 year olds the feature consisted of four or five trivia questions and a cartoon based on one of the questions, all in a comic strip format. These are a few examples of the type of cartoons.



I sold the Cafe!

Well not me specifically.  A small Northeast Thailand  publication  called Khon Kaen Gazette have secured the rights to Le Cafe for 1 x fortnightly thru Auspac Media. Le Cafe is a comic strip I have worked on periodically over the last seven or eight years. Here’s an example…


Nice to see it being published even if it won’t make me rich but hey, you can’t have everything in life.