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Cool, cool, water.

I am currently working on etchings and linoprints for an upcoming exhibition in June -July this year. It is a group exhibition with two of my friends, both talented artists. More info will follow closer to the exhibition.
My contribution is images in which water is a major visual element. I have always found depicting water a challenge so this is an attempt to come to grips with that challenge.
The two main inspirations so far are the fishpond I have just outside my studio and pools or small bodies of water I am exploring in various places around Adelaide.
In both cases I have been influenced by various aspects of Japanese art.
These are the early sketches and idea developments some dating back to late last year.  I will post some final art as the exhibition gets closer.

 In the fish pond series I have been interested in working with a circle. A sort of in the pond and above the pond feeling has started to develop. There is also a bit of an idea of a world of its own surrounded by its own concrete cosmos. The pond is a quiet and relaxing part of my environment and hopefully the etchings will have that quality as well. They are also giving me the chance to explore some open bite techniques when etching the plate.

 The pool series are planned to be reduction lino prints exploring water surface and reflections etc. Simplified down to lines and flat areas of colour as in Japanese woodblock prints I am again hoping to create a visually interesting image that is quiet and peaceful. We shall see in time I quess.

Dave’s Hill

A recent attempt at colour etching. 2 plates 15cms x 5cms.


colour etching

Here’s my first attaempt at a colour etching. Two plates used. nothing special but it came out better that I expected. Can only get better


Three weeks to go.

Just under three weeks to go to my son and my exhibition.



Just about finished framing my prints. If you are in Adelaide between 12th April and 3rd May 2015 drop in to the Prospect Gallery, Corner of Main North Road and Thomas Street, Nailsworth for a look.

Opening hours are Tuesday 10.15am -8.30pm, Wednesday – Friday 10.15am – 6.00pm, Saturday 9.oo – 4pm and Sunday 2pm- 5pm.

The exhibition is getting closer.

An exhibition of work by my son and I is getting closer. Exciting in one way, terrifying in another. Below are some of the prints and drawings of mine on the short list to be starters in the exhibition.

These are etchings and lino prints…

nd these are monoprints and drawings.

I’m really hoping I’m not going to embarras myself with all this. For anyone in Adelaide the exhibition will be at the Prospect Glalery from April 13th 2015.

Castle Rock 2

Another go a drypoint using a perspex plate. Quite enjoying the process even if the arthritis in my fingers isn’t. Us artists are supposed to suffer for our art though –  aren’t we?


Plate size 12 x 19.5 cms

Tide out and drypoint.

Two new etchings done today to use up a couple of small plate offcuts left lying around.


This one is a first attempt at drypoint. Size 12.5 x 3.4 cms. Came out better than I expected but more practice at this needed.


This one is a hardground etching based on coastal area south of Adelaide. Size 12.5 x 4 cms. A second state needed with the tide in I think.