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Cold morning tube.

Recently completed lino print



Bored busters.

I’m messing around with drawings done on miniature surfboards (6cms x 21 cms)made out of illustration board. Saves me getting bored. Here are the first two.


Swell’s up!

My latest print. A reduction lino print playing with some colour.



At least the subject matter makes me feel cool in this hot weather.

Heat wave, wave.

The Heat wave is over ( 5 days over 42C for those not in Australia). It kept me indoors so this print is result.


Reduction Lino print in grey and black. Image size 28cms x9 cms .

A washing machine for the mind.

A print completed yesterday, done as a break from clients who have bombed me with work over last couple of weeks, all with deadlines yesterday, so they can have a couple of weeks off over Christmas.


It is a lino print actual size 28 cms x 10cms

waveprint1 waveprint2



Two Lino prints completed over the last couple of weeks.

Recent drawings

drawing drawing2

A couple of recent drawings drawn with a variety of pens and ink.