Monthly Archives: January 2016

I’ve Moved


Hi Folks. I’ve moved to a new blog. You can come and join me there by clicking here. I hope you will keep following me and what I do at the new blog. All the same old stuff you have come to enjoy (or ignore) will continue to be posted there.

The blog can also be accessed through my website at so you can also have a look around there and see more of the stuff I do as well.



My cartoons are available for your publications, presentations, webpages or on merchandising for gifts etc. through Cartoonstock. Click HERE to find the cartoon right for you.

Kangaroo Paw

Here are a couple of drawings of kangaroo paw that grow in my front yard.


I’m Scorpio…



Here are a couple of recent drawings using ink, bamboo pens and the good old nib pens. Might work these up as lino prints at some stage.

Rain! Rain!

Haven’t had rain in Adelaide for some time. Maybe this will help



Back to work